New Features Launched on Nectaro Investment Platform

At Nectaro, we are dedicated not only to offering lucrative investment opportunities but also to ensuring an exceptional user experience. This commitment drives us to continuously innovate and enhance our platform's functionality and user interface. This month, we are thrilled to introduce several new features designed to make your investment journey smoother and more profitable. 

Introducing the Smart-Reinvest tool 

One of the most anticipated features, the Smart-Reinvest tool, will launch next week. This tool has been highly requested by our investors, and we are excited to finally bring it to you. 

What is the Smart-Reinvest tool? 

When you invest in Notes on Nectaro, you are investing in a pool of loans, typically ranging from 5 to 15 loans. Each loan is associated with a specific borrower who repays the loan principal and interest monthly or in full. As these repayments are made, the corresponding portion of your investment is credited back to your Nectaro balance. However, this often results in a continuously decreasing principal. Repayments are credited weekly to investors' Nectaro accounts, even if the Note's Series remaining term is one, two, or three years. To ensure that your money is working for you throughout the entire period, we designed the Smart-Reinvest tool. Once activated, this tool automatically reinvests your returned principal into the same Note if there is an available amount for investment. 


How Smart-Reinvest tool works

It is important to note that the Smart-Reinvest tool is not the same as Auto-Invest. Smart-Reinvest is focused on a single series of notes, with each series containing from five loans. Some of these loans may be repaid earlier than expected, either partially or fully. In such cases, Smart-Reinvest ensures that the returned funds are reinvested into available loans within the same series of notes from which the early repayment was processed. If a specific loan is not available for the investment, the money will be credited to the investor's Nectaro account. Please be aware that most of the older series of notes are currently sold out. Therefore, in these instances, the repaid amounts will be credited directly to the Nectaro account.

Benefits of the Smart-Reinvest tool 

Passive income: no need to constantly monitor returned principal amounts. The tool handles reinvestment for you, ensuring you continue to earn passive income. 

Maximized income: by reinvesting returned principal, you maximize the earnings from your initial investment. 

No minimum limit: the tool reinvests any returned amount (from €0.01) into the same Series of Notes. 

Flexibility: you can deactivate the Smart-Reinvest tool at any time, giving you control over how quickly you want to get back your invested amount. 


You can activate the Smart-Reinvest tool from the Manual investments page. Additionally, we are adding a separate Smart-Reinvest page with a detailed description of how it works and options to activate or deactivate the tool. It is important to note that by increasing the efficiency of this tool, we will also increase the amount available for investment in each Series of Notes. Additionally, you will be interested to know that we are actively working on classic Auto-Invest tools.  


Updates to the Overview page 

We are also enhancing the Overview page to make it more transparent and user-friendly. For the convenience of our investors, we have added new fields to show: 

Pending payments: the sum of principal, interest, and rewards minus taxes that is in the process of being credited to your Nectaro account. 

Interest (tax excluded): currently, you see interest amounts with taxes included. For better usability, we will now display net interest. 

Rewards (tax excluded): currently, you see rewards amounts with taxes included. For better usability, we will now display net rewards. 

Taxes: the amount of taxation that is deducted from the profit you earn. 

Total earnings: this now displays net earnings, calculated as Interest + Rewards - Taxes. 

To help you better manage your portfolio, we have categorized delayed loans into three groups: 

  • 1-15 days delay 
  • 16-30 days delay 
  • 31-61 days delay 

As you know, all investments are backed by a Buyback obligation. This means that on the 61st day of delay, you will receive your investment amount and the earned interest for that period. 


Your opinion matters 

We hope you find these updates beneficial and that they enhance your overall experience on the Nectaro platform. We are committed to continually improving our services and look forward to bringing you even more exciting features in the near future. If you have any ideas on how to make Nectaro better, please don't hesitate to send them to [email protected]. Your feedback is always taken into account. Stay updated and happy investing! 

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